Closed Seminar with special guest Sensei Augustus

Closed Seminar with special guest Sensei Augustus

Dateline: Saturday 19th October 2019, Mazarron, Murcia.

Today, Daruma Colina Roja welcomed Sensei Augustus, an 8th Dan JKA Shotokan Master, to their Dojo and invited him to lead a section of the class in his style. After the warm-up and stretch routine, the group participated in Kihon and Bunkai, followed by some Kumite practice. The basis of the training was a deep analysis of everything centered around 1 move which features in both niseishi/nijushiho and shisochin kata.

Many observations were made throughout the session about differences between the Shotokan and Okinawa Goju Ryu styles. Both Sensei's and all the students were very positive about the seminar and the training.

Colina Daruma Roja thank Sensei Augustus for his time and knowledge and hope to see him again in the future. Equal gratitude goes out to Sensei Jose for organizing the closed group seminar and for his open-minded approach to his students gaining insight into other styles and perspectives.

Members of Daruma Colina Roja benefit from closed seminars arranged by their Sensei several times a year, giving them insight, knowledge, opportunity and new friendships within the Martial Arts community.

Feature Image (left to right): Sensei Augustus, Sensei Jose, 4th Dan Karateka Herman