Focus on KIHON

Focus on KIHON

Kihon, Kata, Kumite

Each educational system classifies elements like reading, writing and arithmetic into a threefold methodology; in karate, we talk about the 3 K.

Let us focus on KIHON

Kihon means Basic and it compares to the roots of a tree or the underground concrete of a building.  Basics in karate are the stances and positions (dachi waza and kamae), our punches (tsuki waza), our kicks (Keri waza), our defenses (uke waza) and our strikes (uchi waza).

In order to make a strong foundation and get a solid structure in our karate, we must DRILL and practice the basics constantly.  The polishing of our basics, working towards perfection, is the very essence of our training and must be taken seriously in order to progress to a high level of skill(s).

If we compare karate to learning a language, our kihon represents the vocabulary! Training kihon is like polishing a diamond and makes your kata shine.

Also remember the words of Bruce Lee while training kihon:

“I am not afraid of a person training 10,000 kicks. I am afraid of a person training 1 kick 10,000 times."

That is kihon!