Focus on KUMITE

Focus on KUMITE

Kumite means training with partner or sparring, whether it be pre-arranged or free, sandan gi, yakosuko kumite is.... kumite!

Basic partner work introduces pre-arranged training drills that help us get used to using different punches, kicks, defenses and strikes.
Through these training sets and conditioned drills, we are able to directly apply our defensive movements and counters against actual attacks.

As we progress skill level gets higher and drills become harder with greater elements of surprise until we are able to deal with random attacks from multiple opponents!

For our language analogy, our kumite training is how we expose ourselves by using our vocabulary and grammar appropriately based on any given situation.

Three K ‘s after many years of devotion and commitment become 1 K that is KARATE.
KARATE at this stage has become yourself, flows in your blood, makes part of your DNA and makes part of your regular life, a curse and a blessing!
When this seamlessly takes place you begin operating from a level of what is known as unconscious competence.
Everything fits together and works in harmony almost totally without any direction from the conscious mind.

This then is the stage of mastership! It is a level from which a Sensei operates and that is why watching and observing Sensei is like watching poetry in motion.

Karate is a journey, a way of life!