About our Club's Founder

Jose Lopez was born in 1959 in Madrid, Spain and as you will learn, he spent much of his life studying Martial Arts:

Affinity with eastern martial arts always being in my vains, my life is now only addicted to...martial arts. Back to the roots, and consolidating what was lost!”

Started judo in 09/1968 and Wado Ryu Karatedo in 1970 under Kamigaito Sensei, a 5th dan.
Lived in belgium from 02/1964 to 06/2011.

  • 8th dan traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu

  • 5th dan Wado Ryu and JKA Shotokan

  • 9th dan Kempo
  • 5th dan Tai Jutsu

  • 4th dan Kendo

Masterships in Judo, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Chinese Kenpo! My Wife is Thai and direct line to the northern Muay Boran style.

Administrative assets in Belgium until 2011.
Chief instructor at Leuven University for all Karate Kata and Kumite Team from 1981 to 1998.

Founder of Bunkai Groot- 3 traditional Okinawa Goju Ryu clubs in and around Leuven in 1987.

Founder of Satori Leuven, Kumite Team in 1990.
Bloso Certified Trainer.

Member of board of B.O.G.A., Belgian Okinawa Goju-Ryu Association; Sensei Harms being President and Founder of all Okinawa Goju Ryu based Styles in Belgium.
Administrational assets in Spain from 2011.

Founder of Daruma Colina Roja Martial Arts Academy in 02/2015.

We are proud to have members from all around the world here at Daruma Colina Roja and we regularly welcome special guests to host our training and broaden our insights. Contact us to discuss your vision and goals, as well as finding out when the next student intake is. We offer a free trial session for those demonstrating a real interest in joining our club.

Be assured that our training is undertaken in a safe and controlled manor, with the club and its students covered by the relevant licenses and insurances.

Jose Sensei gives credit and special thanks to the late Hironori Kamigaito - 5th Dan Wado Ryu - for encouraging him to try out goju ryu. As you can see, freedom to cross train is encouraged as it brings further enrichment to all of us!