Goju Holistic Fitness & Lifestyle

Goju Holistic Fitness & Lifestyle

“What a disgrace it is for a man [or woman] to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his [or her] body is capable." ~Socrates


What does it mean to feel good in mind and body?

What is it like to be fit? How do I get there? Or even less ambitious; how can I get in shape?

Science analyses 11 components of physical fitness and they are cataloged into 2 different groups:

Group 1 - Skill related components





Reaction time


Group 2 - Health-related components

Body composition

Cardiovascular fitness


Muscular strength

Muscular endurance


So what are the benefits of Physical Fitness? In short, the benefits of physical fitness are extremely far-reaching and can include increases in physical mobility, speed, strength, power, and balance, reductions in aches, pains and even stress levels, plus positive effects on your mindset, emotions, wellbeing, focus and concentration.


We all have different expectations for fitness and training, but the fact is that he or she who trains and does a regular workout, feels way better than those who do not, preferring to just sit around watching TV!

At Daruma Colina Roja, we incorporate all of these components into balanced training sessions, in order to help you feel in optimal shape!