Chōjun Miyagi Sensei & The Hard & Soft Styles

Chōjun Miyagi Sensei & The Hard & Soft Styles

Chōjun Miyagi was born in Okinawa on April 25th 1888 and passed away on October 8th 1953. As well as Karate, Miyagi was known for his studies of philosophy and physiology. A very interesting study could perhaps be carried out into why Chojun Miyagi decided to have 2 physiologists at his side after naming Goju Ryu as a complete and biomechanics based human motion art!

Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju Ryu, believed that “The ultimate aim of karate was to build character, conquer human misery, and find a release of mind and spiritual freedom."

He stated that it was of paramount importance to balance the training in an all present duality, examples; hard/soft, yin/yang and heaven/earth!

He also emphasized the importance of cultivating intellect before strength and that is why he supported G. Funakoshi’s words: Karate ni senté nashi = There is no first attack in karate. Cultivating a balanced self-defense training without training the mind was barely impossible according to Chojun Miyagi.

This is why we at Daruma train 80% on the counter-attack!

It was Chojun Miyagi who chose the name Goju Ryu, to emphasize that his style integrated both hard and soft elements. Furthermore, he also said Goju applies not just to karate, but to life in general!

Neither hardness alone nor softness alone will enable a person to effectively deal with all fluctuations of life! When avoiding, the body is soft and inhaling but while striking, the body is hard and exhaling.

We at Daruma Colina Roja academy cover both hard and soft style.

Rest in Peace Chojun Miyagi Sensei!